Simulation Key Simulation Ltd provides our customers with software simulations of any equipment involving a Human Machine Interface (HMI). These simulations can be introduced at any stage of the lifecycle from initial concept prototypes through to marketing and end user training.  
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A Simulation  Confucious said: “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand” . A simulation is an imitation of some real device or system that creates the appearance of being real, giving a user experience of a real situation without any physical hazards or risks. A simulation can be used to describe a design concept by showing the intended behaviour of a system. This aids the acceptance of a concept by showing the customer the intended interfaces and thus aiding the acceptance of the design. It also aids engineers who may misinterpret the written description of a complex system thus reducing the potential for errors. Training is also an important user of simulation technology, allowing trainees to familiarise themselves and improve knowledge through hands on interaction to master complex skills and also maintain their proficiency in the absence of the real equipment.
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